Artificial Intelligence to Help the World

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are changing the world. We’re interested in applications of these techniques that can make the world a better place.


The AI for Good Foundation is a 501(c)3 Public Charity whose aim is to provide the tools, transparency, engagement, vision, and education necessary for Artificial Intelligence technologies to thrive within human societies, both now, and in the future. Our work encompasses the academic and institutional research communities, practitioners in all industries, global and local policy makers, and the interested public, with programs to demystify the impact and potential of Artificial Intelligence, and ensure that a future with increasingly intelligent assistive and automating technologies is a bright one.

The last several years have seen a massive resurgence in interest in the potential of Artificial Intelligence to increase the efficiency of decision making, help us navigate the physical world, prevent fraud, and a myriad of other potential uses. At the same time, such increased focus has not been without speculation of some of the dangers that might result from the application of Artificial Intelligence technologies to nefarious purposes, or simply from a lack of appropriate oversight. Such speculation can and has led to gaps in understanding of the realities surrounding Artificial Intelligence, fear mongering, and a proliferation of organizations nominally devoted to averting a cataclysmic end to society as we know it.

At its core, Artificial Intelligence encompasses the mathematical, statistical, reasoning, and data modeling toolkits that allow algorithms to extract (learn) robust patterns from data. The intersection of such models and algorithms allow for decision-making and goal-driven reasoning inspired by and approximating human behavior. Artificial Intelligence need not be the pursuit of the replication of human capabilities, but rather, the pursuit of optimal reasoning and decision making under specifically defined constraints. Artificial Intelligence provides a mathematical optimization for well-specified problems and objectives, just as structural engineering allows us to build bridges, towers, and dams that do not crumble over time.

The AI for Good Foundation plans to assume a leadership role with respect to issues and policies of global concern to the international Artificial Intelligence community.